​​LunchboxTM Vacuum/Releaser

Patent Pending

The LunchboxTM is an economical solution for the hobby producer with 100 taps or less.  It includes the following features and benefits:

  • Provides 3-in-1 functionality: vacuum, releaser, and pressure pump
    • Vacuum 15-20 inches doubles production versus gravity
    • Releaser releases sap to ambient pressure
    • Pressure pump pumps up to 50 vertical feet
  • Freeze protected - if it's "maple weather" it can stay outside for carefree woods installation
  • Air powered, runs off of small compressor 
  • 5/16" barb or 3/8" NPT threaded connections available​

Manufacturers of leading edge equipment for the maple syrup industry

The LunchboxTM provides vacuum and releaser functionality for the hobby producer.