Hydra Pricing

Single Post.. Price for base model:  $2,699 USD

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New for 2017,  we are proud to introduce the Hydra Releaser, providing high volume performance in a small footprint.

Hydra Features:

  • Solid state sap sensor that measures sap level 10 times per second and has no moving parts. The only moving parts in a Hydra releaser are the pump, motor, and check valve.

  • Optional vacuum vent valve that opens automatically when the releaser pumps capacity is exceeded, this reduces the inflow, and increases the pump capacity, allowing the extractor to ride through high peak flows without filling your moisture trap. When the pump catches up, the vacuum vent valve closes automatically.

  • Designed for 29+” vacuum. To keep cavitation to a minimum, the entire releaser is designed to maximize pressure at the impeller eye.  The horizontal pump and the tall vertical vessel in conjunction with an innovative control method, all act to maximize the pump inlet pressure for cavitation reduction at high vacuum. When others choke on high vacuum, Hydra keeps on pumping.

  • Clear manifold and clear upper vessel, so you can see what’s going on with your sap. Each post also has a clear swing check to monitor individual post flow.

  • Hydra was designed to match its flow to the sugarbush flow by changing the speed of the pump. The pump starts once per run and smoothly matches the sugarbush sap flow all day long. When the flow drops below about 0.25 GPM the pump shuts off. This smooth operation is much more likely to keep your bag filter attached to your outlet pipe, is less likely to lose prime like the on/off models, and is also generator friendly due to the smooth power draw. Other electric extractors bang on and off all day long, reducing pump motor life, the Hydra doesn’t.

  • Variable speed technology allows one post to handle from 1,000-8,000 taps, the modular feature allows posts to be stacked for 30,000 taps. One extractor model, the Hydra, can be your reliable workhorse extractor for 1,000-30,000 taps. No more looking for the “right” extractor, the Hydra has you covered.

  • To catch the plastic bits and wood shavings, we put a strainer in the manifold where it is easy to maintain.

  • Optional internal flow based vacuum controller. When sap flow starts, the Hydra closes a signal relay, and 15 minutes after flow stops the relay is opened. This relay can control your vacuum pump VFD, or your vacuum pump power relay.

  • Small but Mighty, the Hydra takes up little space in the sugarhouse, with a 10” X 42” footprint.

  • Add capacity over time by attaching another post.  It’s not always possible to get all those taps online in the first year, so buy extractor capacity when you need it. As your needs change the modular Hydra changes with you.

  • Very easy to clean with minimal surface area to begin with, and nearly all of it sees high velocity flow. Those factors reduce the need for cleaning, but we went one step further. Just a couple strokes of the optional cleaning brush will clean the Hydra internal surfaces quickly.

  • When you just can’t be there to monitor things, the Hydra can be configured as an N+1 redundant extractor. Add an extra post to your extractor, and failure of an upstream post will be handled by the downstream post automatically without intervention. With this configuration a broken extractor is a non-event instead of a panic. Fix it at the next freeze, or send it back for refurb.

  • Accessorize when necessary, the Hydra has a couple of useful accessories, including a range of manifold options, and an ON/OFF/AUTO vacuum control switch box.

  • The Hydra likes to travel and breaks down to fit in a UPS box for easy shipping anywhere.

Hydra Continuous Flow Releaser

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